Join Puppy Peaks – Puppy Peaks will help you learn how to inject a shot of “joy” into your training with a dog of any age!

A PROVEN Plan is the Key to a Well Trained Dog!

Puppy Peaks will help you learn how to inject a shot of “joy” into your training with a dog of any age! Puppy Peaks is interactive; members watch Susan Garrett train via the library of 600 plus videos.

These clips show you how a world champion dog trainer trained her puppy, Swagger, to be an amazing family pet and agility superstar. What better way to overcome your dog training challenges than to watch a top trainer overcome hers? Susan also shares Momentum growing up with the Puppy Peaks community, plus there are peeks of Lynda Orton-Hill’s poodle puppy, Dare, growing up!

Learn how to plan and organize your training and yourself, all while taking a “peek” into observing how top trainers raise their dogs in an environment enriched for learning. You get to be a fly on the wall watching the puppies from a very young age grow to be competition dogs on a path of success, but not without trials and tribulations for both trainers!

With Puppy Peaks, you’ll get to be a “fly on the wall,” observing Susan as she shapes her puppies as they grow up, using positive reinforcement and the Say Yes philosophy. Puppy Peaks will help you learn how to instil the same principles of positive reinforcement in your own training methods!

Here's What Our Puppy Peakers Say:

Puppy Peaks is the how to guide in choice based dog training for me. Whenever I have difficulty in clarity or understanding in a task with my dog I go to Puppy Peaks to find the answers

Michelle, Germany

Puppy Peaks is Susan Garrett's book of spells where I find all the secret magic I need to train my dogs in a way that is fun for them and fun for me.

Barbara, Namibia

The value of Puppy Peaks for me is the troubleshooting. Things don't always go to plan, even for Susan Garrett! Her creative approaches to moving forward have produced many "aha" moments for me and are often the missing link in my own training.

Kate, USA

I have never had a puppy, but I learn from and then refer back to Puppy Peaks all the time with our two rescue dogs. They are now awesome companions and family members, but we still sometimes stumble across an undesirable or missing behavior. Puppy Peaks has helped me learn how to teach dogs of any age the behaviors I want them to understand. This includes how to DO things (e.g., sit, wait, get your nails trimmed, retrieve, play with me), but also how to NOT do things (just chill while I talk to the neighbor, ignore cats and other dogs, don't bug me in the kitchen). And there is no avoiding the fact that the foundation of this training is in purposely building a loving, fun, game-playing, relationship with your dogs, complete with two-way communication back and forth between you and your dog.

Kristi, USA

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